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What Does The Fish Say?

All people know that fish can’t growl

Or yowl, or hoot, or hum, or howl.

They cannot squeak, they cannot squeal,

They cannot bark just like a seal.

They cannot purr, nor can they cluck,

With whistling they are out of luck.

They cannot hiss just like a snake.

But there’s one sound all fish can make.

There’s someone who can solve the riddle.

His back is bumpy like a griddle.

But that’s, beware, no easy task,

A crocodile you’ll have to ask.



Kate Amedeo is a mom to a wonderful little girl and lives with her loving husband and their little but fat black cat and a crazy collie in Cornwall, UK. She is the author of a couple of short stories for adults and stories in rhyme and prose for children. You can find Kate at, Follow her on Twitter @KateAmedeo, or if mood strikes you, email her at!

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