About me


Hello, Dear Reader! My name’s Kate. I am a writer and a beginning illustrator (and a full time software developer), and most importantly, a mom to a wonderful little girl called Ellie. I love (and I mean really-really LOVE!!!) books. I write sci-fi and horror, and now that I have meEllie in my life I have discovered a whole new and exciting world of children’s literature.

Here you will find my stories for grown-ups and for children, sketches, and illustrations.

If you feel like it leave a comment or Follow me on Twitter @KateAmedeo, or if mood strikes you, email me at kate.amedeo@gmail.com!

9 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Kate, I stumbled upon your blog and I like the outline of your Heart of Time! I hope you write it, I’d be interested to read it 🙂 Good luck in your projects!

      1. Hello, Mike! Oh, so sorry, we did not make it to pass by the shop! Me and Ellie are leaving till January but let me know if you are in the shop then! 🙂

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