The Cat and The Bat

There once was a cat

In a tall purple hat

And all night the cat sat

All alone on his mat.

And one night a white bat

Flew above the cat’s mat.

And then it loopty-looped

To the ground with a splat.

“It’s a rat!” the cat spat

as he fixed his tall hat.

He was ready to pounce at

The strange flying rat,

As you know that no cat

Can be friends with a rat.

“I’m no rat,” squeaked the bat.

“Don’t you see I’m a bat?”

The cat stared with suspicion,

“Are you sure about that?”

So they started to chat

About this, about that.

And since then the white bat

Became friends with the cat,

And now lives in his wonderful, tall purple hat.

For you see that a bat

Is in no way a rat.

It is rats that the cats

Love to chase.